TIMBER Siberian Husky

Let's see what Santa brought.....

There's got to be something in here someplace...

TIMBER has found his Happy Home!!
I'm just writing to you to thank you for letting me go to live with my new pack! Everyday is like a new adventure. I never knew that their is a wonderful old man named Santa Clause! He brought me my very own doggy paw stocking full of all kinds of goodies. I'm afraid to scratch or bite myself for fear that I'll wake up from a dream. But everything feels pretty real so far.
              Thank you again Wes and Carol
           God bless you both


Thank you a thousand times again for Timber and helping me through the loss of a very important pet (Takoda) P.S. I'm sure that the two of them would have been great friends. When we arrived home from your place we showed Timber the house and when he came across Takoda's bed, Timber immediately started rubbing his face all over it in a very loving manner then turned around a few times and laid down like he knew he was HOME!!

Timber (aka Kato) found his happy home!
Jim and Jennifer think so too!
Luv at first cuddle!
Kato is 2 years and 4 months old. He's neutered and has his shots. He was tested for heartworm and was negative. He's good with other dogs and children. He's very happy and energetic. He walks well on lead, and will sit when asked.

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I found it! A Milk Bone!

A very happy woof!

I think I ate too much,

It's those mornings after 
the party that get you!

Now this is COZY!

If I ignor you will I get a hotdog?



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