Tasha is a runner!  You should see her dig those legs in. Tasha is turning me into a sprinter!  Right now I am just running with her and  working on commands.  She is a challenge as she wants to chase every moving thing - deer, rabbits, squirrels, and birds.  She is a born puller and will make a great sled dog once we get past the stage of wanting to chase every moving animal.  She sits very well for her treats and has learned to lay down.  She has a great time playing with my other female and they look like
twins.  One morning when it was still dark I put the wrong harness on her, because they look so much a like. 

Tasha has been adopted!!

I just had to write and tell you about my weekend. I am so excited! I have basically been running with the dogs and working on their commands as I did not have enough harnesses to run all three of them behind > my cart. Well, I finally got a gangline for 4 dogs and enough harnesses. I have joined the Dune Mushers and went over to the coast this weekend for my maiden voyage with the three dogs. Well, we did not get lost. I used Shadow and Tasha as my lead dogs the first day and we went about 2 miles on trails on the dunes. They did well. I had put Shadow and Tasha out as lead the first day, because Shadow was responding the best to my commands and Tasha was my best runner. Well, Tasha truly is my best runner ( I really have a hard time keeping up with her and up right) so I put her out  as lead by herself the second day. I was a little nervous, because it was wide open dunes with no trails. I was thrilled she was a good strong leader. She kept the line tight and did great with the commands. So, Tasha will now be the leader of the team. I am just thrilled that I decided to take her. Shadow is doing well also. He is a very sweet dog and really follows commands well. This was my first trip out with the dogs. They rode well all the way in the cages in the truck and slept all night in them. All in all it was a great trip and the dogs were just wonderful. I just wanted to let you know that they are doing great and we are having fun mushing behind the cart. I am now researching the purchase of a sled and hope to have them on the snow this winter. Also, I am looking to add a 4th dog to my team. Hope all is well and everything is going well with you and your dogs. I am so glad that I have Shadow and Tasha. Thanks again.
I was born in February of this year.  My
owner now has a job where he travels, so couldn't keep me any longer.  I was
very depressed, but just as soon as I got to rescue, I heard all kinds of
Siberian Huskies saying hello to me. That made me feel right at home. I'm
learning to be leash trained, and I'm very happy.  I take treats very
carefully, making sure to not get any fingers!
I'm a sweet, happy girl. I've had all of my shots, including rabies.   I am
spayed and have a microchip.  (Tasha will thrive in a home where she is made
a member of the family and where she will receive adequate exercise and
plenty of time with her new owner!   Contact: rescue@ewsr.org


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