Sundodger Husky

Otherwise he's been in the house with us when we're home. He's a wonderful companion dog - would be great with other dogs, cats, kids, and is very easy to deal with. Happy, not good off lead, but great on lead. Apparently chases squirrels on occasion. 

Sundodger has been Adopted!
Very dark gray or black and white, brown eyes, neutered male. Between 6 and 8 years old. He's overweight - about 75 lbs. - about 23 inches tall. He's got a healthy thick coat - medium length (not a > wooly). He was surrendered because his owner no longer had enough time to properly care for him. He is wonderful with other dogs, not at all aggressive. Has happily lived with a cat. He walks on lead without pulling, does not jump on people, sits, lies down, jumps in the car, rides quietly in the back seat, is house trained, is one of the most content dogs I've seen - happily lying for hours at my feet. He loves to be petted, brushed, has no trouble letting me look at feet, ears, teeth. He's basically healthy but low thyroid - on meds indefinitely (once a day). His trouble points are that he dug out of his kennel at his previous home, didn't like to be confined. He's been in a kennel for three days at my house without digging at all, but he's kenneled with another dog. Nonetheless, he doesn't like to be confined away from people very much (neither has any other dog I've fostered). He cries when he's in a kennel and can see us, but has spent one quiet night in the kennel, and a few quiet periods during the day when he's in the kennel and we're in the house. 

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