Shiloh Husky

Shiloh has been adopted!
Hi, my name is Shiloh.  My owners turned me in to the shelter because they moved and couldn't keep me.  I'm 1 1/2 years old, and my mom was a Siberian Husky and my dad was a German Shepherd.  Funny thing
happened when the rescue people brought me home.   I think I found my sister, Eila!   I ran over to her, and we licked and kissed each other.  The rescue people had me spayed, got me a microchip, and got all of my shots. I'm very happy, and love people.  My ears are starting to stand up now.   I didn't have much food for some time, but now I'm getting good food.  I'm leash trained, and love to go for walks.

More information: Carole

What did you say mom?

What hotdog?

Zoom Zoom Zoom.....

OK, to much zooming, my 
tongue is going to fall out....

A little cuddling is nice.....

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