Happy Homes
Sasha was found wandering the streets.  She was taken to the Colville Humane Society, and we were contacted.  Having no place for Sasha to stay, (we were full) we asked for immediate help. 
Sasha's temporary name was Shayla, but now is Sasha.

sasha11.jpg (3637 bytes) Do You remember Sasha?


sasha10.jpg (77680 bytes)

The Michelinas took time for an 8 hour
drive over to our rescue, and took her home with them,

another 8 hours back. 
The Potato Chip Syndrome:
They became so attached, that she is now officially a Michelina. 
Sasha is very happy in her new home with her buddy Thor. Many new things to keep her active.  She attends classes, to learn to control her new owners and walks them daily. (No, I said that right.)

Sasha1.jpg (13145 bytes)
Thor and Sasha, ah it's a dogs life!

Sasha2.jpg (20726 bytes)
And they think I'm
not watching them...

Sasha3.jpg (20703 bytes)
So, this is how they
used to build roads

Sasha4.jpg (17725 bytes)
I told you we were being watched....

sasha13.jpg (24849 bytes)
I thought I was supposed to be on the left....

sasha16.jpg (25692 bytes)
Hey,  Sasha, I think I see lunch....

sasha14.jpg (20823 bytes)
I don't see it!

sasha18.jpg (20031 bytes)
Shasa: Wait.... I see it,
Thor: Yep , LUNCH

Hey Thor, this is going to be fun!

Quiet Sasha, we don't want them knowing how fun this really is, got to make it look like work.

Off we go!

Over hill, over dale......

across the icy trail

as our huskies go sledding along.

Sasha5.jpg (21870 bytes)
You are getting sleepy,.....
Drop the hotdogs......
there is nothing in your hand...

Thanks to the Michelinas rescue efforts,
Sasha has her
Happy Home.
Thank You!
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