Punkin Siberian Husky

Punkin Has Been Adopted
I'm 5 years old, neutered, male Siberian Husky. I am well trained and get along with other dogs. I am current on all of my shots. I like rides in cars and love people. 
I do have hip dysplasia, but I am  improving and a much happier camper than I was a month ago. Would you like to have a Punkin in the house? 
(Not just on Halloween!)
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Colleen: colleen@head-to-tails.com
or 360-993-2242
email: Rescue

I am a great people dog!!!

Very Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will ignor the Camera!

So... When do I get a treat 
for all this work?

I will do a dance 
if you give me a hotdog!!

How about if I sing!!! 
Then will you give me a hotdog???

How about howl??? 
Where's the hotdog???

Well, this is not working! All I want is a hotdog, sheeezsh! Fine, we'll do it my way!

You are getting sleepy......

Your eye lids are getting heavy.....

The ground is but a soft cloud 
of feathers.....

You can not hold your eyes open!


I put myself to sleep!

I hate it when that happens!

Is Punkin right for your home?
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