Princess Siberian Husky


Hello! I am 
Princess ....
because that's what I think I am.   
I'm very happy, friendly, leash trained, and house trained.       
  For more information: Carole.

I love being inside, and really love to ride in the car.

I was running loose for over a month, and different families in the neighborhood were feeding me, so I learned to be partial to McDonald's.  

  After a month, one nice lady put an ad in the paper that I'd been found, but no one claimed me. 

 She also took me to her vet, and he told her that from my teeth, I look like I'm between 6 months to a year old.  So, I'm now here at the rescue.   I don't bother cats, just ignore them." 

I can unwrap a hamburger 
in no time flat.

Please Adopt ME!

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