Plato HuskY

 BIG! and Cute together!

Not too long ago, in a galaxy about 70 miles south of here I  was abandoned along with my mate and 2 of my pups. 

I have been adopted!!!!


He's Loki now and done more than enough to live up to his name.  He's very smart.  He figured out how to open doors, though not very gently.  He left dents on the handle.
thankfully he never tries this at home.  at home he jumped out of his kennel.  from what i pieced together he apparently took a run from one side of the kennel, lept onto the side at the corner, lept higher onto the
adjoining side, then scrambled over.  this earned him the nickname Loki Chan.  Aside from that he's no trouble. At first when I brought him home he was uncertain of anyone new.  A year later he's much less sketchy, but still very attuned to pack hierarchy and any potential changes to it.  Mostly he's just happy to be alive.  He likes
to hike and play and spends a lot of time in the grass rolling over and over and scooting himself around like a seal.  I join him sometimes.  We have a lot of fun together.  We're a very good match.

Hello! I am Plato!
I am 3 years old, a whopping 92 pounds of all muscle! I have been neutered and have all of my shots. I am well leash trained.  

I have had a ruff couple of weeks but am now feeling much better at the rescue!

Follow my Story below.

More information: Carole

My owners moved and left us behind!
The landlord found me and thought it was a good idea to put me somewhere I could not get away, good idea! But!!!! Where would you NOT put a Husky????? 

Just think of the worst place, where a Husky could do the most damage...... and Have the most fun!
Give up? Need a hint?
They crow in the morning!

Yep! In a Chicken Coop! 
Well, I had a good snack!

What did you expect? 
Huskies are not known to sit on eggs.

 The shelter labeled me "dangerous" because of the Chicken snack, (I'd do the same thing if you turn me loose at Mr. Sanders place too!)

Also, because of the chicken snack, the shelter said I can not go to a home with small animals. I do well though with other huskies!

No, I just look fierce, 
I am a big teddy bear!

Spend most of my time playing and learning how to fly...... pretty hard for a guy that's 92 pounds!

Guess I will have to wear a tag that says:


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