Penny Husky
Penny has been adopted!!!
Penny is a very sweet little girl.   She looks and acts quite young, except for her teeth.   She does need dental work done.   Her owners turned her in to the shelter.  Penny loves to snuggle, is well behaved, good with
children.   Contact: 
fostered in Salem, OR.

((((Thanks to Susan Scofield for helping Penny with her medical treatment))))

Thanks to Penny's sponsor, Penny had oral surgery last week and is doing much better, even with a mouth full of sutures.  She had 9 teeth removed, a cleaning of the rest. She has some major infection in her gums and some bone erosion from the infection and decay. She stayed 2 days with the vet and was on IV antibiotics for the infection.  She will be on oral antibiotics for 2 more weeks. We will check her again in 2 weeks and see how things look.  She is so happy and active now that she is feeling better.

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