Newby Husky

He is between 2 and 3 yrs old per the vet check. Very healthy, UTP on all shots, plays wells all dogs including a 4 mnth old puppy. Appears totally house trained, loves to sleep inside, but has been outside most of the time since he was found. He was great with the visiting 7 and 9 year old children. Newby would be a wonderful companion for almost anyone. He loves to go for walks and seems to know the basic commands. 
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Newby Has Been Adopted!
He had been wondering for days along the isolated rural roads near Dayton, Wa. It was cold and windy, he was so tired and alone. Where was his family, where was home and his blanket and toys?? He saw a light in the distance. Where there was light, there were people, maybe even his own family!! He ran to door as fast as his weary legs would carry him and scratched on the door. 
The farmer who lived there was surprised to here a noise at his door at 11:30 at night. He opened the door expecting to see his dog. Instead he was greeted with a wagging tail and a happy Siberian smile.He had to laugh when he saw that face. He opened the door and invited the dog inside. The dog gratefully came inside and politely lay down as he had been taught. The kind farmer fed and watered the dog, then gave him a blanket on the back porch where he rested for the night. In the morning, the farmer put the dog in his fenced yard where the farmer's dog and the new boy proceeded to play.The farmer called the local Siberian Rescue to let them know he had a dog they might want to see. When the lady arrived from the group, she was amazed to see such a healhty,, well groomed, well mannered Siberian so far from anywhere. After takng the dog home, the Rescue contacted all of the local shelters, vets, newspapers, websites, any place where a lost dog would be listed. She also advertised in several places. Sadly, after searching for over 6 weeks to no avail, we feel it is time to find Newby a new forever home.

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