Natasha Siberian Husky
Natasha has been adopted!

Natasha is a spayed, very young 8 year old.  She's current on all of her shots.  Natasha has wonderful house manners, she doesn't beg at the table, she has been sleeping soundly in our room, and she gets along well with my dogs. She did try to chase a cat when we went for a walk. She is very smart
and knows basic commands, as well as, shake and speak. We haven't discovered
any other tricks yet. She will need a secure fence and maybe a lock, as she knows how to open the latches on chain link gates. She doesn't like to be alone, she would do well with a doggie buddy to keep her company, but she isn't really interested in rough play.  If anyone needs more information
they are welcome to send an email  to:

or email: rescue

Yea, I see the Hot Dog...

Training Humans is easy....

Ok, are you going to give 
the Hot Dog to me or what?

I will just lay here until they submit to my charming ways

OK, I will just ignor them....

And they think I don't see the hot dogs on the picnic table.....

The End....

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