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  Male (black/silver), his name is Hoss. He loves to ride in the back of my pick-up (with a topper). He loves other dogs. He is in a foster home at the moment because we wanted to see how they would do apart. He is doing fine at this home.

Humane Society of Park County Livingston, Mt. 
Both Huskies below are in long-term foster care, click on link below for more information.

Two very good natured Huskies that were surrendered by an elderly lady`s son (concern of the dogs knocking 
her over, ect.).
These Huskies have a wonderful temperament and have been very well taken care of.
These gorgeous dogs are 9 years old (we are guessing littermates). They have been together all of their lives. We have had them for about 1 month.

We'd love to answer anymore questions we can about these two.
Tiffani, PCHS 406-222-2111,


Meesha (red/white female)  does great out in the play yard with the other dogs, but when left alone in her kennel, she will ram the doors looking for (probably) Hoss. We have put other dogs in her kennel with her and this seems to do fine. So our conclusion with separating them seems to be that they would do fine apart. Meesha would have to go to a home with another dog.
They are both housebroken, they are used to being indoors and out. We temperament our dogs here and they both did excellent! They really are great dogs.
Meesha is an escape artist, however. She is Good! She surprises us at how she gets out. She will also probably eat a cat (sounds great, huh), but typical of the breed?.
These dogs have a lot of energy and show no signs of problems due to their age here.

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