Niko Siberian Husky

Niko aka Mikaila HAs BEEN Adopted

Hello! I am Niko!
Copper female Siberian Husky. I am   under 1 year old.
Very sweet, playful and well behaved.
For More Information:
Contact Susan at: 509 382-8946.
Email:  Susan  or  Carole

Mikaila is very "alpha" and needs a home as the only Siberian or with a neutered male. She is great with people, but wants to be the head of the pack.

Thought I smelled a hotdog......

That's a little too much snow to dig through just for a hot dog....

A little snack,

I see another hotdog!

Just put it on the tongue! It will magically disappear!

OK fine, I will close my eyes and you put it on the tongue!

Ooooooh, another one?

Guess I will have to work for it.....

How about if I dance?

Niko with some buddies....

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