McCain Siberian Husky

McCain has been adopted!!

McCain is doing fine.  He is a lovely and sweet dog.  He likes his car rides
and cookies.  He sure loves us very much.
We have McCain and so far everything is working o t.  He actually got away from my husband once, ran around and then I guess when he got tired of it just came to the house door!  He is very sweet, the big test is not hollering too much in his kennel.  We really do our best to be good neighbors, our dogs are not even allowed to run loose in our yard (even though its fenced) when we are not there so they can see we keep them up and don't chance escapeesI know McCain is afraid of being deserted, however his
kennel is right next to Rosy (she has a kennel too), his FAVORITE.  They
have really taken to one another.  Rosy is 2 Years and one of the sweetest love babies you will every meet.  Our other two girls are making it clear that the new addition is not going to interfere with their lives but they are getting used to him.   McCain has a clean bill of health - got every shot there is that he needed and he and the girls
went to the groomers.  We are continuing to work with getting him fattened up and back into prime Husky shape. He is beautiful and learns fast, we have only had one accident with him in the house and that was the first day.  He wants to be loved so - and he's got great dignity.  The picture is of him eating an ice cream cone at Sun Lakes Resort and boy did he love it.  We always stop their and buy an ice cream for our "children" when we are that way. 

McCain is a red Siberian Husky. He is about 11 months old and came in here because he nipped someone's finger who grabbed him by the scruff trying to get him out of the garbage (he is  very thin). He also ate the owner's iguana. He was temperament tested at the humane society, and did wonderfully well with all the other animals and people. He is now neutered, has all of his shots, and is microchipped. 


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