Lupine Siberian Husky
Lupine has been Adopted!

Lupine is a 3 yr old, neutered, purebred, gray and fawn Siberian Husky.
Lupine is past the husky's difficult teenage stage, and totally husky-like.
Gentle with humans, thinks cats are lunch, boundless energy, boundless love,
runs like the wind, sheds enough to carpet the carpet at times, easily trained but sometimes has his own agenda, the whole nine yards. This dog has NO problematic behavior, or problems, that I am aware of.  He has grown up with my other dog so is very socialized with dogs.  Lupine, despite his strapping (70 lb) size and appearance, is a total pansy, and will happily join any existing pack as the omega member. 
Good with fences unless left too long to his own devices, then he'll get bored and start figuring out how to give himself little walks without bothering his humans.  Unlike other huskies, he always comes home, but the
few times he's gotten out the door (or under the maple) I've always been sick with worry until we manage to snare him.

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