Kiko Husky
Kiko has been adopted!
Kiko is a 4 yr old female (unaltered).  She was neglected think abused.  She
had lost a lot of weight and coat as a result of being left out on a chain
in the direct heat with no shelter and  minimal food or attention.  We have
had her treated by our vet, some earmite meds, some baths, brushing & alot
of love and food.  She is on the road to recovery.  We have only had her for
2 1/2 weeks but she has come a long way in her social skills.  She is good
with other dogs, but I think she prefers to be the one-and-only.  She is
very smart and a quick learner.  House broken! Never had an accident.  She
has a strange but harmful fascination with cats.  She is a red Siberian
Husky, the runt of her litter (so I'm told).  AKC registered, I'm told (but
don't have the papers yet).  Can sleep in or outside.  Loves to play,
fetches, be loved, well let me be honest, sometimes she demands attention.
She just wants reassurance that she is loved.  Great with children, small or
large.   Sleds and walks well, apparently she knows the difference.

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