Jake - Siberian Husky
Jake aka "North" has found his Happy Home!

Jake Siberian Husky
Once in a great while an animal comes along that one thinks " why is this animal in rescue?" or "this dog just don't belong here"
Jake is one of those dogs.

It is also rare that I would write a description of a dog in the length that I am about to. BUT, Jake deserves it!
Most of the time I condense the information and give you the information that has been given me. This time, I saw Jake.

Jake was found wandering around in Spokane and taken to Spokane County Animal Control, where he stayed until he was brought to EWSR. Jake was a bit thin (picture at right) but is gaining now. Jake is a neutered male black and white Siberian Husky with brown eyes and is about a year and a half old.
Jake has had all of his shots and is  microchipped.

And now for the rest of the story:
Most of us still remember the Show 
"Rin Tin Tin" well, that is Jake, only a Siberian. Jake is very attentive, and aware. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down, and load up. He learns VERY VERY fast!!!! 
It is unknown if he is housebroken, although, as fast as he learns it would not be a problem. He still needs a little work on the lead, but he is still young and excitable.
It is unknown how he is around kids, but seems cautious not to jump up on us.

What kind of recommendation 
would we give Jake?

Let's put it this way: if we were not doing rescue and could give him the Time, Love and Attention he needs,
He would already be HOME!

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