Glacier husky Cross

Glacier Has Been Adopted!
A person who is moving to Alaska and isn't able to take him with. He is about one and a half, and a very nice dog.
 He is good with cats, other dogs and kids,  very responsive to people. He's a
sweetheart, and weighs about 45 pounds. 

He was found near Deception
Pass with a broken leg. The leg has healed beautifully, it was a pretty
uncomplicated thing, that won't give him any later problems.  
Needs a home with another
dog to play with.  He has great fun playing with my daughter's service dog
in training puppy, a six month old golden retriever.  I have him in a
very large round fenced area (about 1000 ft) with another foster dog and he
seems pretty happy. He isn't a Houdini type husky at any rate.  He hasn't
ever jumped out of the fence (5ft.) or dug out.  He did figure out how to open
the latch however, so now I have it secured with a carabineer.  He is very
playful, but also very eager to please.  He always comes when I call him
when he is off leash. And that is in a 40 acre field.  He loves to hang out in
the house, is housebroken.  He is interested in my cats, but not in a scary
way, and will always 'leave it' when I ask him. He doesn't like being confined in a small kennel, but I have crate trained him.  He isn't crazy about
being in there though.  He ate my car seat once when I left him alone in the
car, so he does need to be crated if you are going to be leaving him alone in
the car. In the house, his manners are great.  He isn't what I would call a
hyper husky, he's a people dog.  He's never chewed up anything inappropriate in the house, but I've never left him completely alone, there was at least one other dog with him.   
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