Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben has been adopted! 

Just a note to let you know I am REALLY being a good boy!  I sat still in >the car all the way to Coeur d' alene and, when I got there settled in with >Tootie's dogs.  In the morning I got a great walk on Higgins Point and came (almost) every time my new mum called me!  I have to practice walking on >the lead though :(
After our walk we had a looonnggggggg ride to my new home and do I ever
like >it here!  I got an old pair of shoes to chew (but I'd rather have the newer
ones), a squeaky toy, a chew bone - boy!  What will Christmas be like.
My mom has to go to the eye doctor this morning so I'll write more later.
Thank you for the good care you took of me and for finding me this new
home. Love Gentle Ben

These two play-yard clowns are so much fun to watch!! They are almost identical in looks. They are about 5-6 months old, neutered, UPT on all shots. They get along with all of the other dogs, male and female. All they  want is for someone to play catch-me-if-can with them. One is named Gentle Ben, cause that is what he is. I had him at the adoption day at Petco for 6  hours and he was so sweet, gentle and quiet the whole time. Small children of every size and age came up and played with him, tossed balls ,gave and took toys and he was great the whole time. The other one is named Tige, cause he is bouncier than Ben, but still very good natured.I would love to  see them go together to a forever home, but either of them would do well alone or with another dog. They both love to play fetch with balls or  sticks.I think they are a Malamute or Siberian mixed with Golden Retriever. Either of these pups would make a great family pet. 
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