Diamond Blue Siberian Husky
Diamond Blue
Diamond Blue is a pure bred Siberain Husky Red/White, 10 yr old, but in Excellent health and behaves like a youngster, Neutered Male, Up to Date on Shots (last visit June 8th 2001) 60 lbs, Outdoor only (marks when indoors).
Protective of his people, but very friendly once he knows you.  Needs plenty of exersize and would probably like to learn how to be a indoor dog - if someone would show him how.  Because of Diamond Blue's age, his owner is willing to assist in whatever is necessary to make it a smooth transition to the right home. He is a beauty and deserves a loving home for the remainder of his life.  In Typical Siberian form, Diamond Blue does not bark, but does enjoy the occational howl.
This beauty has been with his owner since he was 9 yrs old.  He is now 19 and would like to go do young adult things - but his mother moved and told him he had to come and get his dog or she was taking him to the pound.  He came all the way back from Hawaii (where he was going to school) and got his dog.  He is living up in the hills with his dog - squatting with friend when necessary, but Diamond Blue is not adjusting to the bouncing around very well.
Diamond Blue is very protective of Michael - and this has caused some problems for his friends.  Michael, even though Diamond Blue grew up with him, would not trust him around small children since he is set in his ways and lower tolerance level now.  Also, like typical siberians - would not trust at all around small animals or cats. Diamond Blue is good around other dogs (submissive) but has never lived with any - so this may make a difference. 
His owner can keep until placed and is willing to do whatever he needs to to find Diamond Blue a good home.  He is very clear that it is going to be difficult.  I did refer him to several other husky groups for help.  Michael will drive pretty much anywhere a new home is found for 
Diamond Blue.
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