Daphne Husky

Merry Christmas from Mike, Kathy, Eric, and of course Daphne!

Daphne has been adopted!!
Daphne is the BEST.  We love her soooo very much.  She rode home in the car perfectly.  We stopped at 2 rest stops to have a little break and she "loaded-up" perfectly.  We love that command.  She has made herself right at home, right away, and we are so pleased.  We, and all our friends have never heard or seen a dog adapt so fast and easy.  Thank you so much for holding on to her for us.  She follows Erik everywhere.  He is so happy to have her around, as are Mike and I.  We took her to Erik's baseball game and she just lay down by our feet and tried to pick the gum off the
benches.  She sure responds well to the command 'no". Just stops whatever it is she is doing.  She hasn't jumped on anyone except 1 person so far. Sleeps in our bedroom on her blanket next to Mike.  Will be moving her blanket into Erik's room tomorrow.  Only 1 accident, the first hour we  brought her home.  Learned the doggie door right away.  This am she even went downstairs and stood by the door to go out.  We can't believe how easy this is, and quite frankly, neither can our friends.  
Thanks again, I'll send along progress reports from time to time. We are going to work and getting along with other dogs first.  We'll let you know how it goes. 
Thanks so much, Kathy
Hmmmm,,,, Sounds like a Happy Home!

Daphne was left at the pound before they opened, with a note that her name
was Daphne.  She is happy and healthy, is leash trained.   She enjoys
people, is okay with other dogs, but a little pushy.  She is about 2-3 years
old.   She has all of her shots and has been spayed.  She likes to travel,
and appears to be crate trained.   She has a good appetite, and her weight
is fine. She is Microchipped. 
She about 71 pounds.
For More Information email: rescue

Yea, I'm lovable!!!!

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