Daffy has been Adopted!!!
Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that our little girl, Daffy, has been adopted! I took her in on Monday to be spayed and the vet fell in love with her! She was there until last night and all day yesterday they had her up in the front office greeting people and animals as they came in. She was loving it! Since everyone else in the office fell in love with her too, they decided she would be their 'office greeter'. She will go home with the vet every night and be loved and taken care of and get to go to work and be loved by the office staff and patience all day long! This girl will receive all the love and attention she didn't get the first 3 1/2 years of her life. They will more than make up for it! I just can't express how happy I am about this.

I want to thank everyone for passing the word on. I had quite a few calls on her. She would have been wonderful in practically any home, but this just seems to be the best situation for her. Thanks again!
Daffy is a loving and sweet girl. She is spayed and up to date on all of her shots. She's very mellow but loves to play with other dogs and loves kids. She's had a rough life so far and is very underweight. We are going to put her on a good diet to plump her up and make her pretty. If you would like a dog that will love you twice as much as you love her, she's your girl! Please, help Daffy find a home. Contact: artrapani@attbi.com 

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