Cricket Husky

Hope all's well.  Just saw the notice for the barbeque and thought I'd drop you a line.  Cricket is really a great dog.  I've taken her snow-camping a couple of times now - she's so fun.  We took both her and Murph up to White Pass for Valentine's day.  We took backpacks up, then skied back down to the lodge, snapped leashes on the dogs, and each of us took one up on the chair lift!  It was a riot!  That was a first for both of them and they did super.  Cricket just laid on the chair next to me and was VERY interested in the skiers below her.  I'm sure she had a blast.  Getting off the lift I clipped her with my ski, and it cut her
pretty bad.  The first-aid guys patched her up and off we went.  She
wasn't limping and the blood seemed to've stopped, so we carried on.
(she's fine now)  Murphy and Cricket LOVED the chest-deep snow!  They
wore themselves out dodging between the trees and trying to pounce on
each other as we skied out onto "Hogback ridge".  It was better than TV
to watch those two!!! We spent the night out on the ridge and it snowed all night on us - everybody was cozy though in the tent, as Murphy and Cricket make for
good bed-buddies!  The next day we rolled out late (feeling lazy and not
wanting to face the cold!) and skied back down the mountain.  The dogs
had to be on leash then, and they did super.  Even convinced them to do
a bit of pulling a couple of times, with mixed results.  :-)  Those two
could be adoption poster-puppies.  Several folks asked where we got
Cricket and I told 'em EWSR.ORG!!!  She is really a gorgeous dog (even
to non-biased types!).  And Murphy draws his fair share of attention
too, as he's a handsome (and lovable, outgoing) boy. I hope we get to go to the barbeque, I'll either register (or not) when I know what my schedule is like.  Hope all is going well there!!!

Cricket has been adopted!

Hi, My name is Cricket, and I was turned in to shelter by my owner. He is a musher. He brought me in because he thinks I don't like to work like his other Sibes do. Maybe he's right, I'd really rather be a family pet than a working dog. I'm 1 year and 6 months old. Rescue will have me spayed, and get all of my shots done. (Creek is very active, and very loving) 
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