Chino Siberian Husky
Chino Has been Adopted!
Chino likes his new Happy Home!

Chino is a young neutered male, his age was estimated at under l year old.
He is very well mannered, and learns very quickly.   He knows how to sit,
and walks well on leash.    Chino came in with many cuts and bites, but has
healed remarkably.  Three of his teeth had been pulled, and we suspect we
know the reason but won't go into that here.  All of his teeth are in great
condition.   He eats very well.   He is quite submissive around other dogs,
but has quickly learned that he won't be hurt here, and is now playing with
the rest.  He has all of his shots, including rabies, and has a microchip.

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Chino with his new family

Chino on ride to new home

Mom Sis and Chino

Chino hard at work in his happy home!

Chino protecting his new owner....

Ready to go!
Chino Buddy "Lady"

Chino Buddy Nikita

Chino Buddy Glacier

Chino, after a small snack....

Egypt, friend of Chino

Thank You Pam and Sissy
for giving Chino 
a very happy home!

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