Chase Husky

Chase Has Been Adopted!

Chase was left at a vet's office
and never reclaimed and they couldn't contact his owner.   He then went in
to animal control.
He is a very small husky with the softest
 hair. Very friendly and loves attention, seems to know obedience. But knowing
the command and following it are two different things.
He is as sweet as he is pretty.Starved for attention, very nice manners in the house and with other dogs.Ignored my
cats, almost seemed shy around them. He has slept in the house every night
since I got him. He had been in a kennel for over a month, I felt he needed some extra TLC.  He looks like a perfect, small, fluffy wolly sibe with big blue eyes. 
He only weighs about 35 lbs.

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509 382-8946 after 6pm and on weekends. or Rescue

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