Buddy Siberian Husky
Buddy is a 1 to 2 year old neutered male. He was adopted from the shelter and is very happy to be out of there! He has been trained and is very well housebroken. He walks well on a leash and sits when asked. He can also shake with both paws! He loves people and kids. Pull on his tail or ears! He doesn't care! He needs to be with people! He hates being alone. He loves the car and will go anywhere with you. He'd rather be alone in the car than alone at home. We've tried to crate train him but he HATES crates. I think there must be something in his past that really makes him scared to be in them for a length of time. He loves to be outside and sits on our deck for hours on end.  If we were able to be at home with him or have the time to really work with him to make him comfortable at home alone, he would have a permanent home forever.  This is the best dog in the world - bar none. You will fall in love right away!
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