More photos of the picnic are available at:

Nomawsh greeting everyone!  He's happy to be with Susan's Rescue after a horrible start in life!

So is Kita (adopted by Beth from Gail - Willow Run)


Bodie Boy - adopted by Karen and Mike from Night Song (Susan)

From left:  Mary Arnold and friend, Steve and Rock and Stella (adopted from Gail, Willow Run)

Same, except Jeff is on the far left

Picnic in Willow Run's back yard

Games in the play field

Mary meeting one of the Siberians

Cheryl and Haley Mae

Mark and Atka (right, adopted from Gail) and look alike.

Ready for food!

The Starrs (adopted from AAH), Shari, and Jeff

Mary and Friends

The Handsome Nikolai (adopted from Gail, Willow Run)

Steve and Rocky and Stella

A wonderful red dog keeping cool in the shade - Could this be Willow? Yes!  Adopted by Dave from Susan - Night Song Rescue

Spirit, adopted by Gabrielle and Ron, from Susan, Night Song

Gabi hugging Spirit

Slaadki (behind Olive in front) and owner Kris - adopted from Susan, Night Song

Mark with Atka and Haley Mae

Winnie looking soulful and cute, so she can have a burger

Sky Boy, fostered and then adopted by Carla and Raymond for Night Song.

Kathryn (left)  - Karen and Kids!  Always good to see them, great helpers!

Gail (Willow Run) and Susan (Night Song)

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS A GREAT EVENT!  (If you have photos not appearing here or on Willow Run's site, we'd love to get them!)