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Second Annual 2002
Siberian Husky Rescue BBQ

Lots of Food 
and lots of Folks!

The second annual Siberian Rescue BBQ was held on July 20, 2002 in Leavenworth Washington!
Hosted by 
Gail (Willow Run Siberians)

Where'd everybody go?

Cyndi found some shade!


Sandy Sharp, Susan Scofield, 
Susan Price

David, Kim, and friends

David and  Kim's Brig waiting for a burger

The Hatchers and friends and Tim-the-chef

The Salathes and Sapphire

The Caccavos

Mark McGavran and his buddies

Carole and Jeff Parsons and Shiloh

Robbins Family and Trina and Bear 

Wes, Carole and Cindy Neely

Carlos, Jane, and Tasha 
"Where's mine?"

The Doepel Family
Allen, Hachiko, Trisha and Kent Doepel

Gibson Roberts and Shumante Sharp 
waiting for burgers

Archie and his brothers, entertaining us

Cyndi and Sapphire taking 5

Kieren Justus and husky friend

McGavran's and Friends

Winnie with Bill Saunders
Working Hard......

Debbie Feinman showing 
Shasta how to jump

Shasta showing Debbie how to cool off.

Shasta showing Debbie how to jump.


What does it take to save a dog? A little love, a little caring, a little sharing, 
a little time. Sometimes just a phone call. Other times, just a few words.
Still other times, it takes the efforts of many just to save 1 dog. From the person who discovers the dog and tells a rescue, to the people who relay the dog to a foster home or another relay,  or to the dog's permanent home or to a Vet who mends the dog. All do their part in sharing, caring and loving an animal when it needs it the most. To those folks below and others who do their part..... Thank You! 

2002 EWSR