Even Granny was there from Little Red Riding Hood.

First Annual Siberian
Rescue BBQ

Lots of Food 
and lots of Folks!

Then there were those who just had too much fun, like Jake.

The First Annual Siberian Rescue BBQ is over. Lot's of food, folks, rescues, prizes and fun. Everyone agreed they didn't have enough time.  Many thanks to Susan for hosting it.


The Egg Run in which you have an egg on a spoon with a leash (on the same arm) attached to a dog that wants to go faster than the egg (or you) had a few folks at the finish line!

In the first race, most dropped their eggs and had to start over, but a few made to the finish line without dropping them.

The second race was much better!!!
And required a photo finish!

The Hotdog Dunk....

A few knew how to get 
those sinking hotdogs!
Well...they float when you cook-um! 

If we throw enough in 
they won't sink no more.

I wonder what a wolf thinks of when watching Siberians try to get hot dogs.....

A tired contestant named Jake...

Lee's Sibe looks a bit winded too!

Horses have Halters, Huskies have Harnesses, Wolves have  weird stories...

My, Granny, what big eyes you have...

Do you know what 
makes a dog feel at home?

Lots of dropped food.....
Winnie really enjoyed the picnic!

Well it used to fit through there...

There were even those watching from the sidelines who got treats!!!

What does it take to save a dog? A little love, a little caring, a little sharing, 
a little time. Sometimes just a phone call. Other times, just a few words.
Still other times, it takes the efforts of many just to save 1 dog. From the person who discovers the dog and tells a rescue, to the people who relay the dog to a foster home or another relay,  or to the dog's permanent home or to a Vet who mends the dog. All do their part in sharing, caring and loving an animal when it needs it the most. To those folks below and others who do their part..... Thank You! 

2001 EWSR