T-Shirt Race

Start at one end,
Run to other end,
Put T-Shirt on dog,
Run back with 
T-Shirt still on dog,

Simple, piece of cake,

Oh, Yea, they have to have their booties on too....


Third Annual 2003
Siberian Husky Rescue BBQ

Lots of Food 
and lots of Folks!

Thank You to all the folks who helped!

Willow Run Siberians, Plain, WA
Rhonda Gerth, 
Karen Ramstead, North Wapiti
Kennels, Alberta
Ken and Diana Edwards

The Line up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning...Small woof on run way!!!!

Do not be standing in front of a herd of Huskies!


Hey, that's my shirt! That's not my color! What size is this anyway???  

Winner T-Shirt Race
Lee and Kona Too!
Kona learned to keep her  
eyes closed where she was here.

A tired T-shirt Racer Princess

What does it take to save a dog? A little love, a little caring, a little sharing, 
a little time. Sometimes just a phone call. Other times, just a few words.
Still other times, it takes the efforts of many just to save 1 dog. From the person who discovers the dog and tells a rescue, to the people who relay the dog to a foster home or another relay,  or to the dog's permanent home or to a Vet who mends the dog. All do their part in sharing, caring and loving an animal when it needs it the most. To those folks below and others who do their part..... Thank You! 

2003 EWSR