2010 Siberian Rescue BBQ

and Fund Raiser

** In Cle Elum this year ! **

What does it take to save a dog? A little love, a little caring, a little sharing, 
a little time. Sometimes just a phone call. Other times, just a few words.
Still other times, it takes the efforts of many just to save 1 dog. From the person who discovers the dog and tells a rescue, to the people who relay the dog to a foster home or another relay,  or to the dog's permanent home or to a Vet who mends the dog.   From the foster homes and professionals who help to those who give and give and finally, those who give a forever home...All do their part in sharing, caring and loving an animal when it needs it the most. To those folks and all who do their part.....

Let's Party in Cle Elum

Come to the 8th Annual Siberian Rescue BBQ and Play Day on
Saturday June 1
Click here for Address & Directions
e-mail R.S.V.P

  • Lots of Food 
  • Lots of Folks
  • Games to play
  • Walk the hills
  • Raffles & neat stuff
  • Evening bonfire

Lots of Fun!!

Games will start around 11:30, lunch to follow around noon or whenever the games are over. Announcements etc during lunch. Raffle and door prize drawings will follow lunch. Fellowship and dogship the whole time!

We ask for a donation of $10 per family to help cover the cost of the event. This is our only fund raiser every year and we look forward to seeing the wonderful people who have adopted our dogs and to see our dogs again. It recharges the batteries of all the volunteers for continuing the rescue effort.

e-mail R.S.V.P:  Yes, write right now, while you're thinkin' bout it!!.  If you let us know how many people and how many canines, it'll help with planning.  You can add or subtract more at the last minute - no worries. If you're bringing a favorite dish, you can let us know that too, ifn' ya wanna

And if you forget to RSVP but still want to come or change your mind at the last minute, come anyway!

Things to Bring 

FOOD:  We'll supply hamburgers with all the trimmings, plates & such as well.  "Pot Luck" (that means you) for the rest.  Click here for Things to Bring .

SEATING & SUNSHADES:  YES, please bring your own chairs and if you have any SUNSHADES, bring those too!!  Potential for lots of sun here!!

DOGGIE STUFF:  Whatever your chickadees needs to be safe & comfortable - leashes, water bowls, etc..

PLACES TO STAYCamping and maybe motel ideas.

Click here for Address & Directions

e-mail R.S.V.P:  Yes, please do!!  It will help to get a feel for how many are coming.  But if you forget to RSVP but still want to come or change your mind at the last minute, come anyway!